My Experience of Becoming A Coach with AlphaStars Academy of Excellence – Loving IT !

Have you ever had a small conversation with some-one that made you feel good about yourself? A conversation that got you some thinking… something that hook your interest… some little tweak that made you think deeper.. realisations about yourself.. or some “A-ha” moment..? Have you come across a person, who appeared so flawless that they Read more about My Experience of Becoming A Coach with AlphaStars Academy of Excellence – Loving IT ![…]

The Gift

             I couldn’t stop smiling first when i saw a group of students carelessly running around and playing their craziest. It was their PT (Physical Training) Class – no wonder!! And to add to their joy, it was drizzling softly. And soon, the energy just dropped with the ring of the bell. Their smiling faces frowned Read more about The Gift[…]

“Do You Need Help?”

I left before the college would end. I was feeling dehydrated, totally spoilt mood. It was mid-month of May.  With the scorching heat and burning sun over head, it is a practice here to carry an umbrella whenever we step outdoors. The temperature was around 48 degrees. I had to walk around 1 km to Read more about “Do You Need Help?”[…]

A Drop Of Nectar 

As I take my flight towards dancing blooming flower, To quench thirst of my soul, The petals amongst unfold gently to dive in, As the whole entity of existence made the flower smile. Enclosing and warmly inviting; the flower seemed keen only, as deep as the eyes of beloved awaits; to experience the joy of Read more about A Drop Of Nectar […]

Being Grateful – The easiest shift key !

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘Thank You’, it will be enough.-Meister Eckhart With deep sense of Gratitude, when I say Thank you, I know it also covers Acknowledgment, Appreciation and Acceptance. Just a single word, conceals underneath a deep layer of knowing and have the power to shift Read more about Being Grateful – The easiest shift key ![…]