My Experience of Becoming A Coach with AlphaStars Academy of Excellence – Loving IT !

Have you ever had a small conversation with some-one that made you feel good about yourself?

A conversation that got you some thinking… something that hook your interest… some little tweak that made you think deeper.. realisations about yourself.. or some “A-ha” moment..?

Have you come across a person, who appeared so flawless that they some-how had all their life in control ?

Have you ever looked at a person and felt inspired to be some-what like them?

Have you come across a person who some-how had a way around any problem?

If not of the above, I am sure you must have once in a time came across some-one who some-how appeared to be “always happy or positive”.

Well I cannot answer for you all, but I have definitely experienced all of the above.

And what-if I tell you, that there is a way that you can become this person.

I have..or lets say.. in process of becoming this person 😀

A person whose presence around can simply elevate your energy around, with whom every conversation is piece of insight itself.

A person who not only chit-chats but listens heartfully and direct the talk in a healthy sensible manner.

A person who know how to make best of everything life has to offer and live every moment with grace of being humble, kind and generous.

A person who finds a way around the problems and have multiple solutions to it !!

A person who know life is greener on both the sides J

What-if I told you, YOU CAN BE THIS PERSON and also add value to other people’s lives and earn respectably for what you are and what you do !!

Sounds too good to be true ? Isn’t it?


This is the GOOD-NESS of being a Coach !!!! TRUE !

You get to be better version of yourself and do the same for others and make your fulfilling career out of it.

Now, Can anybody be a Coach ?

Well, Yes… just like anybody can dance 😉 with specific training and learnt skills.

You too can be a Coach, given you train and learn the specific skills needed to be a Coach.  Believe me, most of these skills are already inside you, all you need is a little polish and you are ready to go !

And to answer that next question your mind is looking for: HOW? HOW ? HOW?

How to be all this Awesome Coach, Lead a rich quality life, uplift others to their better version and Go to bed feeling contented that you are making a difference in other people’s lives!!!

And here is the best part.. YES – the best part is still to come 😉

You get to do all this with the BEST OF THE TRAINERS under the COUNTRY’S BEST TRAINING ACADEMY  which provides you life-time support for your personal and professional growth.

Your trainers  Sat & Siri are THE BEST ( person you will ever meet..don’t tell me I dint warn you If they become your most favourite <3 ), with more than 18+ years in the field and designing updated models to take direct steps of actions, founded prestigious AlphaSstars Academy of Excellence which serves more than the theory and the return value is worth much more than your investments with them !

The coaching training is craft fully designed and diligently blended with (mind you) real NLP – NEURO LINGUISTIC PROGRAMMING , which is time-proved module for the efficient, impacting and lasting results, getting certification signed from the BOSS himself Dr. Richard Bandler ( co-founder of NLP).

Now for me, I had wonderful experience of transformation and believe me the process was so easy and most of the shifts happened so subtly without putting any extra conscious efforts. By the end of each day, I was discovering lost parts of me, which I had long forgotten about or was even unaware of their existence !

Don’t take my word.. Come to the in the class.. experience this for yourself !

If you have heard any-one ask about, “if there was a life-manual, life would be sorted”, well this isn’t – the life manual, but a sophisticated structure to design your own Life-manual , to gain clarity on how would you treat your life ahead.

This training is not a fix-it-all, but well-framed step-by-step process to discover your own potential and how to sharpen your existing skills and then create your own unique solutions.

I had many revelations about my own thinking process, my-way of doing things, my perspective, my limits, my benchmarks and my high-hit ceiling of dreams!

No wonders this is so aptly named InnerMost Shift Coaching training, and so on you would be doing the same for other. Doesn’t just thinking that you would be creating a InnerMost Shift for others, stirs your desire to be the one doing so ?

Where ever you are on your life path, what ever stage you currently are on – there is SOMETHING for everybody.

You can discover your own unique pattern of doing things, of making decisions, of finding balance, having fulfilling relationships, drafting your innate gifts to help and uplift others and become your own expert… and so much more.

Learn, understand and IMPLEMENT every process on yourself (personal gain to reform) and Practice it with other participants – solidify your learning and see its results working right-away!!!

I experienced my old mind-set crushing down to only be developing NEW EFFICIENT and PURPOSE-FILLED mind-set, a whole new level of thinking pattern and exceptional way of behaviour!

I am surprised myself, for what I have become <3

All of this life-impacting transformation and learning is only a add-on boon for the Coaching business you are going to develop and making difference in others lives.

Imagine yourself, sitting amongst the like-minded, high-aiming, courageous, generous, trustworthy, understanding, laughter filled environment and much more, so that you can fall in love with your life a little more J.

Make connections and friends with this ever supporting, non-judgemental group of colleagues – irrespective of age, gender, work profession blah blah. Find your-self making group of your “lean-on support” – no conditions applied 😛

You also get to celebrate with cake, hugs and laughter ! (what kind of person says no to this..huh ? )

If this is not urging curiosity within, then take a swim or have cup of tea or come back from that walk and READ this whole thing again !!

I am sure there is a part of you, which never stops dreaming and deep inside is very sure of your own potential and what you can REALLY do with your life !

Yeah.. discuss this with that part of you and see how does that part of you feel about this !!

In short, If you are willing to be THIS PERSON ( the one your mind drools on..) and upskill yourself with the easy, effective and extremely human-friendly technology.. it is trigonometry.. of being a Person who chooses to pilot his or her life towards their own journey, then Welcome to the tribe !!!

Take that decision now and reach AlphaStars and see your life transforming. They offer many things you can choose from 😀


P.S :  I am writing this with pure love, so that you too can take charge of your life and start creating your dream life.

I am not commissioned in any sort except for lovely hugs and smiles !!!!!

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