“Do You Need Help?”

I left before the college would end. I was feeling dehydrated, totally spoilt mood. It was mid-month of May.  With the scorching heat and burning sun over head, it is a practice here to carry an umbrella whenever we step outdoors. The temperature was around 48 degrees. I had to walk around 1 km to reach the bus-stop. I started from my college building towards the bus-stop. Struggling the heavy college bag and handling the big yellow umbrella I was barely walking, the tortoise would have won against me. All I truly wished was to reach home and rest in the cool air-conditioned room, no ice-crusher juice, no cold drinks only that comfortable bed with the cold ambience-shady-cozy room. To add to my adverse the whole stretch of road was under construction. All I could see were few countable human figures far away working in such terrible condition. I prayed a little to god to bless them for their work.

Well, with the speed I was walking, I wondered If I would reach home before the eternity ends. I was cursing the weather, the fiery road, the day, the whole life itself. Walking and wishing I had a personal car with chauffer and never walk under such scorching sun again. While I was all whining about that 20 minutes walk, I noticed a small scooped figure under the tree just beside the road. I was in sea of thoughts what could that be? Could that be a weary person? Why on the earth would someone be there in first place? What if the person is needy? What if the person needs immediate hospital care? What would I do? What should I do?

I was anxious approaching the tree, but eventually I did. Hoping in my heart, to get out of the dilemma soon.

I was astonished with what I saw. A little boy, sitting and holding his baby sister in his lap and scooping over the baby to protect her from the direct sun. He was wearing thin torn shirt and rugged brown short pants. He was trying to air his sister with that piece of shirt he was wearing.

My heart was overwhelmed. Before I could face anymore of the reality and feel any more emotions, i gathered courage and spoke.

I asked with sheer sympathy, “Why are you sitting here? Are you lost?.”

He kept mute. He did not understand any words that I said. Then I spoke in very-poor-vocabulary, broken words, merely making a sentence in their regional language (I suppose I did).

I asked again, hoping he understands at least any of my words.

In the broken voice, he replied, “My mother, she is working there. I am looking after my baby sister.”

The far away human figures, the laborers working on road construction, the ones I felt pity for; one of them was these little kids mother.

He smiled and asked me “Do you need help?”

I was enthralled with his smile and his words. I thought to myself, do I look like I need help.

Without letting any other second pass, anxiously I asked,

“Would you please accept this umbrella, just as a gift?”

He timidly refused.

I assured him I have enough back at home and I really wanted him to have it.

I insisted.

He hesitated.

I persisted even more.

He gazed with total astonishment.

His eyes held deep words that could only be felt, expressing without any words. Unspoken language I could absolutely comprehend.

I gently nodded. Till day I feel he must have read my eyes too.

He accepted the umbrella.

We shared smiles. There were no more spoken words.

I walked away feeling happier about everything. Believe me, I was happy and no more cursing to any living world. It was like my smile was imprinted. I was grateful that I had the opportunity to come across that soul. I was really glad that he accepted. I was grateful for his kind openness to receive without any judgment. Because he received, he gave me a chance to understand and reflect on myself, my life and how little I was.

The most remarkable was when he instantly inquired if I needed any help. I was astonished. Purely overwhelmed. Amazed with his generous consideration. Absolutely flabbergasted.

While commuting way back home, I realized I was actually the one who needed help indeed. That little boy, helped me to get in touch with reality. He reminded me of the lessons of life. He helped me realize that I am blessed in way far better than I know. He helped me see my life clearer and better. He helped me revive and get in touch with my life. In real terms, my friend.

He simply helped me by accepting that token of gratitude.

Yes, I needed help.

This is to Thank him.

He helped me.



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