Being Grateful – The easiest shift key !

“If the only prayer you ever say in your entire life is ‘Thank You’, it will be enough.-Meister Eckhart

With deep sense of Gratitude, when I say Thank you, I know it also covers Acknowledgment, Appreciation and Acceptance.

Just a single word, conceals underneath a deep layer of knowing and have the power to shift our perceptions.

I know that being grateful opens a gateway inside us (we believe or not, It does!).

The very sense of gratitude, attests the very existence of whatever we are feeling grateful for. It also shows the evident impact it has on us, prominent or not, it sure is significant in every way.

It can be for anything and everything as say right from opening our eyes in the morning to every single breath, our body, our lives, love we receive and share with family and friends, work, people and so much more. I have realized that everything I count for in my gratitude list – I am getting more of it !

Isn’t it true to ask that when we are ungrateful for what we already have, why would we have more to be ungrateful about?

Just like Steve Harvey mentioned in one of his talks, when we are not grateful it blocks the rest of the blessings to come in.

When we are ungrateful, we are definitely not noticing the actual things happening in our lives in every moment on daily basis. When we are ungrateful, we block our blessings of abundance life to flow to us.

That INCREASES what you FOCUS on !!!! Remember?

If we are constantly unhappy and whining about any situation and aspect of our lives, how would it help in changing that anyway?

I always say, having tried the one way for so long, why not try the other way and see how it turns out.

I also understand that life serves us with bowl of cherries, might not always be sweet! And agree with the part where the situations might not be very pleasant, but I am sure it is serving some purpose. It could be anything, not necessarily we know it right then, only just accepting it would open the closed door.

Simple Acceptance of Now. Breathe. Accept – yes it is happening now. (Whatever and however- we need not be all Zen here.)



Just being our best versions then will reveal the best outcome. And gratitude is the easiest key to this. Easiest and Direct !!!

During any difficulties, when we awe in gratitude of all the times we have endured and came out better, stronger and wiser  – We tend to see our attributes and admit our resources within which have assisted and helped us so far and always. And we don’t do any work here of recollecting and implementing our traits, it all happens on its own WHEN WE INTENT GRATITUDE. The attitude of Gratitude, ignites all our virtues within without us knowing. Don’t Believe me. Try for yourself.

Being grateful kind of fuels and re-fuels our engines running on this journey

And if only when we realize, accept everything that life offers and again be grateful about it – I am sure, we would be creating the life we desire.

Soon life will offer only of what we desire.

Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow.” ~ Melody Beattie


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