About Me

13516246_1746037485680581_3720396152740100463_nHi Blessed Soul,

I am glad you are here visiting my site.

Also, Now that you are here DO tell me about yourself at contact@gagandeepbhatti.com I would really like to know you ­čÖé

I am Gagandeep Bhatti,

I am a Lover of life , Believer and free-spirited Soul.
I have undying quest for learning and my heart thrives on writing ­čÖé

Professionally I am an Author,  Speaker , Life Coach , Licensed NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist. I hold a Masters degree in Counselling Psychology.

I started my quest with understanding WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO ? and thus tumbled upon graduating in Psychology, getting training for several therapy-based models and thus completing Masters in same.

Further in my journey I learnt that there is so much more to this and I am still only on top of the ice-berg. Thus, to gain deeper understanding I progressed with learning about Conscious and Unconscious. With divine guidance, I met amazing teachers under whom I completed learning Hypnotherapy.

I further more, sharpened my skills and tools under the best trainers of the country, god-sent mentors and became Licensed NLP Practitioner and a Life Coach.

Above all, I truly follow guidance and my intuition because I do believe that there is a power-house up there which is somehow holding these planets, stars and light together !! There is something which is taking care of these oceans, mountains, trees , animals and birds.

That subtle power which transforms a caterpillar into a butterfly !! 

And the same power is within you, me and all around us. 

My Purpose is to assist others to their fullest potential and to lead abundance filled life we were designed to live.

My Mission is to re-direct awareness of your true being to the light within.

With same, it gives me immense pleasure to learn and witness the most real , inspiring and uplifting events that also aids in my growth and healing.

I love to share experiences that touch hearts, stir souls or simply bring a smile on a face !

I believe in Angels, Miracles, Butterflies with messages, Mountains talking, River singing, Trees laughing, Flowers dancing and Stars whispering.

I believe all of us connected in an diverse unified manner and the moment we will see other as one, all we will have is compassion and love.