A Drop Of Nectar 

As I take my flight towards dancing blooming flower,

To quench thirst of my soul,

The petals amongst unfold gently to dive in,

As the whole entity of existence made the flower smile.

Enclosing and warmly inviting;

the flower seemed keen only,

as deep as the eyes of beloved awaits;

to experience the joy of sharing a part of its heart,

Swaying in to unify and surrender itself.

Under the shield of time,

where moment holds still,

And consents for every other to slip away.

 As sheer is the truth of presence,

so is the sincere blending of Love.

From a flower, a drop of nectar.

P.S – One of my earliest poem, while i was still in school.
this poem holds very close place in my heart and i hope it finds some place in yours too.
I have had wonderful interpretations of the same poem by many lovely people and all of them had touch of their own.
I believe this is best received by you, only you.
Share your interpretations , what is that you comprehend and your ideas.
I would Love to hear from you all.

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